PULSE Racing is the newest dreamteam of the VU Amsterdam. We train individuals with paraplegia through cycling with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). Our aim is to give back mobility and vitality to people with paraplegia by contributing to the development of FES. We do this by participating in (inter)national FES cycling competitions, such as the Vondelgames in Amsterdam and the Cybathlon in Zurich. Curious about these competitions? For an impression: https://youtu.be/6ifHDkdY-k0

For the next academic year, PULSE Racing is looking for new, enthusiastic and motivated students who want to help take on this challenge. We are not only looking for students of Human Movement Sciences, but also for students with technical and marketing backgrounds!

So do you want to apply your study in practice, collaborate professionally within a student team and also make a major social contribution? Are you also interested in researching the best training principles and further developing FES cycling? Or is your interest more in organizing events, recruiting sponsors, promoting the team and sharing our new developments with the rest of the world? Take part in PULSE Racing III and join the team at the Cybathlon 2020!

Would you like to learn more? Join us at the interest drinks on 12 and 20 February between 15:00 and 18:00 in our training room, WN KA-263, or send us an email at info@pulseracing.nl for more information.

Are you already ready to apply? Send your CV and a short motivation to solliciteren@pulseracing.nl


PULSE Racing