In the coming weeks we would like to share with you our personal experiences at PULSE Racing and show you why we are so enthusiastic about this project. Below the story of Heleen, hard at work at PULSE Racing for the team Propulsion.
I am Heleen Docter and was part of team Propulsion this year. This means that I focussed more on the technical aspects of the electrical stimulation. I did the bachelor of Human Movement Sciences with great pleasure, but I missed the practical experiences during my studies. PULSE was the ideal way for me to apply everything I had learned, but also to look for new solutions. Moreover, I was still wondering what I wanted to do later with my studies. PULSE also offered the solution for this. PULSE Racing is for me the ideal combination of top sport with rehabilitation. You have direct contact with the athletes, so you are constantly motivated and see what you are doing it for. On top of that you work with a whole team of motivated students who work together towards a beautiful final achievement. There is still a lot to be sorted out and there is a direct possibility for improvement, which makes it a great challenge for me.
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