Below is the personal experience of our deputy manager, Birgit. She ensures that everything goes smoothly within the PULSE Racing teams.

My name is Birgit Kaman and this year I have been deputy manager of the team. Together with the team manager and the chiefs, I form the management of PULSE Racing II. I take care of the contact within the VU and the team and make sure everything is organised. I am a third year bachelor student of Human Movement Sciences. In the bachelor I mainly missed the connection with the practical labour market. I found this link through my management function within PULSE Racing. This year I learned a lot about managing a team, which I believe I perhaps wouldn’t have learned when I didn’t get involved with PULSE. Next to the contacts within the VU, I also got into contact with many external parties like the rehabilitation centre Reade here in Amsterdam. Lastly I very much enjoy the personal contact we have with our two athletes. PULSE Racing provided me the opportunity to find the link with the practical side of Human Movement Sciences and I discovered my field of interests for my later career.