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How does SponsorKliks work?

Thank you for your interest in supporting PULSE Racing. Below you can find a detailed description about which steps to take.

By clicking HERE or on the banner below, you will see a list of dozens of online shops, including, Coolblue and Find the online store where you would like to purchase en press ‘bestel’. You will now be brought to the online store. Each purchase at one of these companies gets your sponsor goal a commission while you pay the exact same price; it doesn’t cost you a thing.

You can do the same when you want food delivered,  if for example you would like a pizza delivered with Thuisbezorgd.nlThis makes sponsoring very easy, and also very tasty!

Don’t want to come for each purchase to the PULSE Racing website? Go to the PULSE Racing page of SponsorKliks and press  ‘ctrl’ + ‘d’ (Windows) or ‘cmd’ + ‘d’ (IOS). This way, the page will be added as a bookmark or favourite.

Would you like to stay up to date on the actions of SponsorKliks? Keep an eye on the Facebook and/or Twitter of SponsorKliks

We thank you in advance on behalf of your sponsor goal.

SponsorKliks, gratis sponsoren!