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15-09-2018: Vondelgames 2018: Amsterdam

What does PULSE Racing do?

PULSE Racing aims to return mobility and vitality to people with spinal cord injuries by contributing to the development of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). Having a spinal cord injury causes various physical problems. In addition to the inability to walk and reduced mobility, people with spinal cord injury also have a reduced condition, impaired blood circulation and a high risk of pressure ulcers. This has negative consequences for quality of life and personal well-being. FES has a proven positive influence on the physical condition of people with spinal cord injury. The active movements caused by FES have positive effects on fitness, blood flow and psychological health.

Who is PULSE Racing?

In the academic year 2017-2018, PULSE Racing was set up by students of human movement sciences at VU University Amsterdam. There goal was to take FES cycling, together with athletes with a spinal cord injuries, to a higher level.

Every year a new team consisting of VU students is brought together to further develop FES. Although PULSE Racing started with a team consisting exclusively of human movement sciences students, it has now become a multidisciplinary team of students from various bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health and engineering.

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