”PULSE Racing strives to return mobility and vitality to people with paraplegia by contributing to the developments of FES Cycling.”


Actual Information

19 March 2022

Workshop for V.I.B. Brusjesdag

Members of the Vereniging in Beweging (V.I.B.) may bring along brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces on this day. From 10:15 they can walk in and at 10:45 the first round of workshops will start. In total there will be 4 rounds, so the groups will rotate.

PULSE Racing has also organised a workshop for this event. It will first explain and present what spinal cord injury, PULSE Racing and functional electrostimulation (FES) are all about. Then there will be a moment to work with the motorpoint pen. This is a method to discover where on the muscles the electrodes can best be placed. This is where the electricity will be best conducted through the muscle. Afterwards, there will be a short demonstration on the Berkelbike, on which our athlete Peter trains and will answer questions of interested people.

Location: Loopzaal MF-gebouw VU, van der boechorststraat 7, Amsterdam


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