Are you ready for a new challenge next year and do you want to work within a motivated team of students? Sign up now for PULSE Racing IV and get people with spinal cord injuries back!

Every year a new student team will build upon the previous teams work, with the aim of further developing FES-cycling. Delivering a successful performance during the Cybathlon in 2020 is our most important goal. This is an (inter) national cycling competition where people with complete paraplegia compete for the highest speed on a man-driven bike. Mark Muhn, member of Team Cleveland out of the United States, was the winner of Cybathlon 2016, and we are working towards a win for team PULSE in 2020.

Interested in PULSE Racing? 

PULSE Racing is not just a team. It is the first dream team to start from the VU University! Participation gives you the opportunity to join a team which continues to push its limits. Knowledge can be applied in practice, new developments can be deployed, you learn to work with a specific target group, friends are made, credits are earned & you assert yourself in the right network! And at the same time you can get your study credits! PULSE Racing III faces a new challenge to finally participate in the Cybathlon in May 2020.

The challenges consists out of a variety of recruiting and training the best athletes, optimally stimulating the muscles and improving the bicycle. Next to this, the team is involved in organizing events, arranging sponsors and promoting the team.

So do you think you can train our athletes optimally to deliver the best possible performance while cycling with electro stimulation? Or are you a winner in the field of management, PR or communication? Sign up NOW for PULSE Racing IV! Send your motivation letter and CV to

Interested? Then take a look at the functions below and contact us! All the functions below are part-time and therefore easy to combine with your studies.

Global description functions:

Team manager
As a Team Manager you are responsible for the team. You ensure that everything around the team is well organized. You also have contact with external parties who can help PULSE Racing at various levels with regard to marketing, sponsorship, knowledge and / or expertise. Together with the Deputy Manager you make decisions on behalf of the team.
Time consumption: 2-3 business days

Deputy manager
As a Deputy manager you work closely with the Team Manager. The focus here is more on communication within the team and the VU. Together with the Team Manager you take care of the organization within the team and you make decisions.
Time consumption: 2-3 business days

Chief Human Power
As Chief Human Power you are the head of the Human Power Department. This is formed by the team of trainers and the team at propulsion. You are the link that ensures optimum communication between managers and teams. You also contribute to the processes that are ongoing within the human power department.
Time consumption: 2 business days

As a trainer you are responsible for the condition of the athletes. Together with the other trainers you ensure an appropriate training schedule, nutrition schedule, you provide training to the athlete and you discuss the new developments. In addition, you take measurements to track the condition of the athletes and you ultimately ensure physical improvements.
Time consumption: 1-2 business days

As someone from Propulsion you focus more on the Functional Electrostimulation itself. Hereby you try to find the optimal stimulation and give it to the athlete. Together with the trainers you also ensure optimum training based on appropriate stimulation for the athlete. Here you look for example at the frequency and timing of the stimulation.
Time consumption: 1-2 business days

When you are part of the operations department you take care of everything related to PR, promotion, finance and sponsorship. In addition, you ensure that the social media platforms remain up to date. This year the theme will again be creating awareness of the team, but also the use of Functional Electrical Stimulation. Sponsoring also becomes an important goal within the team this year. Multiple functions can be entered under Operations.
Time consumption: 1-2 business days

For the first time this year we will be involved with the engineering of the bicycle. As part of the engineering department you are a technical student who has knowledge about mechanics. You are responsible for optimizing the mechanical aspects of the bicycle. There is a lot of freedom in this, because we are only too happy to be open to new ideas.
Time consumption: expected to be 1-2 business days

Research Analyst
We would like to do more with all data from the tests and training of the athletes. With a scientific study as a background, we can investigate changes in setups or material, optimize FES and show the results of all the trainings. There is also a lot of freedom in this vacancy for new ideas and innovation.
Time consuming: 1-2 working days