PULSE Racing IV started this year. The challenges consists out of a variety of recruiting and training the best athletes, optimally stimulating the muscles and improving the bicycle. Next to this, the team is involved in organizing events, arranging sponsors and promoting the team. A major challenge in this time.

We are still looking for new engineers for this academic year (2020-2021)!

As part of the engineering department you are a technical student who has knowledge about mechanics. You are responsible for optimizing the mechanical aspects of the bicycle. There is a lot of freedom in this, because we are only too happy to be open to new ideas.Time consumption: expected to be 1 business days

Interested in PULSE Racing?

PULSE Racing is not just a team. It is the first dreamteam that started from the VU University! Participation gives you the opportunity to join a team which continues to push its limits. Knowledge can be applied in practice, new developments can be deployed, you learn to work with a specific target group, friends are made, credits are earned & you assert yourself in the right network! And at the same time you can get your study credits!

Currently PULSE Racing IV has been formed. We are still looking for engineers. However, if you are an enthusiastic student and you would like to contribute to this project, but you are not a technical student. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Send your motivation letter and CV to solliciteren@pulseracing.nl. So we can see what the options are.