Every year a new student team will build upon the previous teams work, with the aim of further developing FES-cycling. Delivering a successful performance during the Cybathlon in 2020 is our most important goal. This is an (inter) national cycling competition where people with complete paraplegia compete for the highest speed on a man-driven bike. Mark Muhn, member of Team Cleveland out of the United States, was the winner of Cybathlon 2016, and we are working towards a win for team PULSE in 2020.


Interested in PULSE Racing?

Participation in PULSE Racing ensures that you can apply your knowledge in practice, learn to collaborate professionally within a student team and make a contribution in society. Consider participating in PULSE III in order to bring more knowledge of FES-cycling into the world. PULSE III will not only be important in optimizing and implementing training schemes, but also in improving the bike, organizing events, and searching for sponsors. Would you like to cooperate in a project like PULSE Racing? Then keep an eye on our newsletter and social media! Looking for a topic for your BoP or research? You can also discuss possible research questions in consultation with PULSE Racing.