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As a new team, we have set a number of goals for this year. One of the fanatical athletes of the earlier years, Sander Koomen, has decided that he wants to work on a new goal, which is handbiking. The PULSE Racing team wishes him a lot of success and luck in the future. For this reason, we are working on recruiting new athletes. We also want to focus on a number of aspects that can still be researched. For example, we want to look at the effect of a “splitter” on the performance of the athletes. A splitter is an electrode that branches out, which makes it possible to stimulate several places on the muscle instead of one. Furthermore, the goal is to get a better picture of the efficiency of the athletes and we are curious about the possibilities of the “Tesla Suit”. This is a suit with implanted electrodes and can be used to stimulate many muscle groups in the body. It can also read ECG and record movements and can be adjusted in many ways, so it fits with the personal characteristics of the user. Due to the current circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, we as a team are limited in the possibilities that require physical contact. We hope that, in the new year we will have more options, making it more accessible for us to achieve our goals.