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Workshop: learning from and with each other!

Last December, PULSE V and PULSE IV did a workshop together with the aim of learning from and with each other. This workshop provided an oppertunity to pass on knowledge between the team members as well as the possibility to practice with different devices used during trainings. Below, deputy manager Emma Klever tells about the success of the workshop.

The aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop was to ensure that knowledge of PULSE IV was transferred to the new team members of PULSE V. The workshop was organized by Lisa and Alyssa who are members of PULSE Racing for their second year. An important goal of the workshop was to ensure that it was clear to everyone how the measurements during trainings, needed for research purposes, should be performed. Examples of measurements are working with the Compex and Splitter.  Use of this equipment is new to most team members. Although there is access to manuals, the best way to learn how to use the Compex and Splitter properly is by practicing with it.

What was the workshop about?

The goal of the workshop was to practice working with the Compex and to practice doing measurements needed for research. The workshop consisted of five different rounds. We were divided into three groups. During the first round we worked on creating and adjusting stimulation programs with the Berkelbike full control program. We have also been working with the Splitter. We will provide an update about working with the splitter in the next newsletter. So stay tuned! At the moment we have stimulation patterns that are working well for our athletes. However, it is important that we can make adjustments in the stimulation patterns in the case that the stimulation patterns are working less optimally. 

In the second round we practiced measuring blood pressure and heart rate. measuring blood pressure and heart rate are general measurements that must be taken before the examination and it is important that everyone measures these parameters in the same way.

In the third round we tried the Compex program (program: potentiation) on our muscles. ‘This was my first time experiencing electrodes on my legs and it felt a bit strange.’ In the next round we determined our own motor points with the Compex. This was reached by using a reference electrode that was taped to our legs together with some gel. Then, the motor pin was moved over the reference electrode until a movement of the muscles was seen (and felt). It is important to stick the electrodes to these motor points. because the muscles respond best at these positions. ‘Having electrodes on my legs was a strange feeling, but very nice and instructive to experience this feeling.’ Finally, we tried to make our own Compex program.

What did we achieve by doing this workshop?

It was a very useful and fun to work together during the workshop! It certainly helped to get a better grasp of the work and measurements. Working with the equipment became a lot clearer for me and it is nice that we are all on the same page when it comes to doing measurements. Of course it was nice to be together with the whole team and it certainly contributed to the team building!