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PULSE Racing and the dedwarsliggerspodcast

We have amazing news! The creators of the dedwarsliggerspodcast came over to the PULSE Racing Lab at the VUmc campus. Dedwarsliggersodcast is an outstanding podcast on Spotify that is about the personal stories and challenges of people with spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, the latest tips and tricks for living with a spinal cord injury are often part of the conversations. In the new episode of the dwarsliggerspodcast together with PULSE Racing, Renkse en Hannah tell about researching FES Cycling (Functional Electro Stimulation). In addition, Hannah and Renske talk about how athlete Mo, who has a complete spinal cord injury, can cycle again by using functional electrostimulation. It turned out to be a super interesting episode being recorded in the PULSE Racing lab. Fun fact, it is the very first time (!) that PULSE Racing is involved in a podcast. Curious about the collaboration? Season 2 – Episode 13 is now online. Don’t hesitate and listen to the podcast on Spotify.