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Workshop Cefar Compex

Last Monday, a workshop was given by the company of Cefar Compex. Marco Maas took care of this workshop. The company Cefar Compex sells various materials, including the compex equipment that we also use to provide electrostimulation for our athletes.


But how does this electrostimulation exactly feel and what are all the possible programs to apply electrostimulation?
Marco Maas explained about the existing programs of
the Compex Theta and let us experience this by ourselves.
With his advice we are going to prepare new training schedules for our athletes.



What was emphasized is that it is very important to also influence the blood circulation of the muscles. This is done through a program that only causes a twitch in the muscles instead of a contraction. This twitch ensures that the muscles are tightened and then returned to their original length. This way of stimulating stimulates the blood circulation of the muscles. You want to apply the electrostimulation in a way that you only cause a twitch of the muscles. The compex itself investigates the minimum intensity and bandwidth of the pulses that you need for a twitch. This is done before the start of each program.
By stimulating the blood circulation regularly every day you promote the trainability, but also the recovery of the muscles after a workout. Therefore it is important to stimulate the blood circulation before you really use the electrostimulation to cause a contraction to train the muscles.

An interesting afternoon!