Like to join us?

We are always looking for new partners. We would like to make partnerships beneficial to both our team and to the sponsor. The most important part for us is to expand our vision internationally. We aim to enhance the relationship between technology and human, in order to give people with a spinal cord injury their mobility and quality of life back. Further, we also to intend to other physical pathology through immobility. We want to showcase what it looks like when suddenly somebody has the freedom of moving their legs again!

Every year a new group of students will put all their energy into further developing the Berkelbike, FES cycling and training schemes for our athletes. Adapting the knowledge about the Berkelbike, FES cycling and training parameters is important to give the athlete the best training and prepare them optimally for competitions like Cybathlon. During the Cybathlon, international teams are competing for the fastest track time. For our team to succeed, we look for a mutually benefiting cooperation between athletes, trainers, and partners.

Of course, we would like to accommodate our generosity. Therefore, we would like to discuss all the possibilities for the implementation of this cooperation together during a conversation.

Interested in becoming a partner? Please contact us and send an email to: