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Like to join us?

PULSE Racing is always looking for new partners. With every partner we find out what we can do for them, in order to establish a good mutual relationship.

Our main focus is to pass on the message how important the relationship between people and technology is. Because of the work field we are in, people can move forward again despite their physical limitations. Thanks to functional electrostimulation, a person’s mobility and freedom of movement are being restored. We want to share this with the outside world as much as possible, hopefully increasing the accessibility of this method.

To achieve this, we need new partners! Every year, funds are more than welcome so that a new student team can continue the work and developments. Support is needed to participate in competitions such as the Cybathlon or Lyon Cyber Days, where we can show our capabilities to the world. Participating and possibly winning these competitions requires cooperation between team members, athletes and partners.

We are looking for partners who want to support us in achieving our goals. In return, we have several possibilities to offer. Are you interested in the advantages of becoming a partner of PULSE Racing? Please send an email to: and we will discuss the possibilities with you.