Pulse Racing is currently a team of 8 students from the VU University, Human Movement Science department. The team is divided into different disciplines. The team manager and deputy manager are the faces of Pulse Racing and responsible for the entire team. The manager’s task is to acquire and maintain a close cooperation with the team’s chiefs. The Chief of Human Power is in charge of the operating processes of Team Training and Team Propulsion and oversees their progress. Team Propulsion is responsible for the technical aspects of the training, like FES cycling, software and FES training parameters. Next to this, Team Training is responsible for implementing training schemes specific to the athlete. Searching for the right athletes is also a part of Team Training. The optimal athlete must be ready and motivated to participate in all competitions such as the Vondelgames and the Cybathlon. The Chief of Operations is in charge of external affairs such as social media presence and sponsoring.


Alyssa GroeneveldLisa van BodegravenChr├ętine Wijnbelt
Team ManagerDeputy ManagerProject Manager
Info@pulseracing.nlInfo@pulseracing.nl Info@pulseracing.nl

Human Power Department

Eva HoogendoornLianne Botman
Chief Human Power DepartmentHuman Power

Operations Department

Maartje Vletter
Chief Operations

Propulsion Department

Katja PodvinsekLoes Quirijnen
Research analystPropulsion