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PULSE Racing currently consists of 12 students from the bachelor Movement Sciences, Medicine, Health and Life and from the research masters Human Movement Sciences and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Everyone in the team gives trainings and the team is divided into different functions.

The manager and deputy manager are the face of PULSE Racing and responsible for the team. The team manager is the first point of contact for external contacts, while the deputy manager is mainly in charge of internal communication.
The Human Power Department ensures that the technical aspects of FES-Cycling, such as stimulation patterns, innovations in the field of FES and their application are monitored. Part of this department is responsible for the schedules of the training sessions, preparing the athletes for the Cybathlon and other competitions.
Team Operations is also responsible for operational matters, such as sponsoring, the newsletter, promotion and social media.
Finally, the Research Department is setting up an annual survey, collecting data and writing a report. In this way PULSE Racing hopes to take new steps towards the goals set each year, which can be consulted under the heading about pulse racing.

Management department

Susan DonkerEmma Klever
Team Manager Deputy Manager

Operations Department

Renske FlachHannah van der PasAnne van der Tuin
Chief Operations Operations Operations

Human Power Department

Madalina Rîurean Alyssa Groeneveld Lisa Bodegraven Dilara Burcak
Chief Human PowerBuddy Peter Buddy Mo Buddy jet
Wouter MarinusFabienne de BoerClara Lopes

Research Department

Madalina Rîurean Alyssa GroeneveldRenske Flach
Chief ResearchResearchResearch