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Workshop for PR for the Cybathlon 2020

At TU Delft we have been invited to attend a workshop to receive PR advice on the most important race. It soon became clear that everything is in place with good planning and communication within the team. It is important to start publishing long before the race about preparations that are being made, such as the development and testing of the vehicle. This point was also discussed interactively. How many days do you start with PR for the competition? How often do you post something? And what kind of material do you use?

It was also told what is important during and after the game. Of course we must not forget our own sponsors during the race and they must be clearly presented in different ways. In addition, there will be several journalists present during the race and good preparation for an interview for the camera is very important! We would like to highlight the goal of our project and of course ensure that our athlete is clearly visible! We learned a lot this afternoon which we would like to put into practice next year. Let the Cybathlon 2020 come!